If I look back on, students in Gate Pa Primary School were angelic.
I must admit that the first impression wasnít quite good, the school building was slightly old and parents smoking cigarettes outside the school werenít the image I expected.
However, after My daughter, Se Eun Park, started to study at school, I found that there are so many great things about Gate Pa School.
There are polite children with pure and simple hearts, teachersí passion, love and consideration toward students.
Moreover ESOL teacher, Tessa is fantastic; itís hard to find someone like her. - She has a big love for everyone at school and was a brilliant English teacher for my child.
I canít say thank you enough to the principal, Se Eunís room teacher, Tessa and everyone who looks after students at school.

Yours sincerely




Gate Pa school
900 Cameron Rd

Phone: +64 7 578 5325
Fax: +64 7 578 6115
Email: office@gatepa.school.nz


Richard Inder

Email: RInder@gatepa.school.nz

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School dates for 2019

Term 1

4 February to 12 April.

Term 2
  29 April to 5 July.
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  22 July to 27 September.
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  14 October to 18 December.