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At Gate Pa School we recognise that the performing arts is an important part of our curriculum.  Last year we were able to set up an arts and drama room to give more children the opportunity to learn an instrument and use this space for performing. 
We perform out in our local community.  Our goal this year is to do this every term to give more children an opportunity to perform and offer something back to our community.  This term we are taking a small group of children to perform at our local rest home. We are also booked in again to do a Christmas performance for age concern at the historic village in term 4.
Gate Pa School has a variety of performing groups.  We currently have running a recorder group, ukulele group, Kapahaka group, middle and senior drama group, stomp band, and the choir along with the fresh moves dancers who both will be performing at Bay Court this year.  All of our groups here enjoy showing of their talents at prize giving and assemblies during the year.
Musical productions are run every 2nd year.  The children love to be part of this and even though it requires a lot of hard work and practise it is something the children will remember and be proud of for many years to come.
Many different drama and music groups come to our school to give our children the experience of enjoying live drama and music.  We are involved with the Duffy theatre shows and last term we had Hiwi the Kiwi perform who shared important messages about fishing safety through songs and lots of laughter.
Next term we have booked Rhythm in schools, run by Fraser Bruce who brings in a huge collection of drums and other instruments from around the world, and invites the kids to join in and use rhythm, harmonies and voices to create wonderful music. 
At Gate Pa School we have many children who excel in music.  We know that it enhances creativity and children love to communicate ideas and feelings through composition, performance, movement and dance.



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