Gate Pa School is made up of a diverse range of cultures and itís probably true to say that we mirror a snapshot of NZ society today. These groups include European, Maori, Indian, Pacifika, Korean, Chinese, Argentinean and South African to name just a few.  We welcome International students as they are a natural part of our diverse community and fit easily and naturally into our school. Our ESOL specialist teacher assists those students whose first language is not English, we offer Maori language/culture across the school with our school cultural group being very much an important element to our diversity. We also offer Spanish classes to a select group of interested students. Gate Pa School is just adjacent to where the famous Battle of Gate Pa occurred last century so hence has a special connection to a significant historical situation. Parents mix and mingle naturally with other parents and are felt to feel welcome and acknowledged in all school occasions.




Gate Pa school
900 Cameron Rd

Phone: +64 7 578 5325
Fax: +64 7 578 6115


Richard Inder


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School dates for 2019

Term 1

4 February to 12 April.

Term 2
  29 April to 5 July.
Term 3
  22 July to 27 September.
Term 4
  14 October to 18 December.