Physical Education at Gate Pa School

At Gate Pa School our aims are:

  • To improve the health and well-being of our children
  • To provide a wide variety of sporting activites and outdoor education experience
  • To increase the number of children engaged in activities outside the classroom environment
Each term we focus on different skills and types of fitness activities

Term 1 Focus:
Focus Skills: Small Balls
Fitness: Swimming
Sports: Summer Sports Mixed Teams Triathlon
Athletics day

Term 2 Focus:
Focussed Skills: Large Ball Skills
Fitness: Cross Country
Sport: Winter Sports Mixed Teams Juniors: Jump Start/PMP

Term 3 Focus:
Focussed Skills: Sevens Netball/Hockey/Rugby/Soccer
Fitness: Aerobic Workout Skipping/Relays/Shuttle Run/etc
Sport: Winter Sports Mixed Teams

Term 4 Focus:
Focussed Skills: Athletics
Fitness: Sprinting
Sport: Summer Mixed Sports Teams/Formal Dance.
After hours @ Gate Pa School

We offer a range of after school activities. We are always greatful for help and support from parents in coaching and managing sports teams.
Education outside the classroom

A variety of trips are organised for each syndicate level, these include residential ski/beach trips for Year 5/6 students.
Lunchtime @ Gate Pa School

  • Swimming/Athletics/Cross country
  • Games: Rugby/Soccer/T-ball/ softball etc
  • Jump Jam
  • Padder Tennis
  • Zumba
  • Top School




Gate Pa school
900 Cameron Rd

Phone: +64 7 578 5325
Fax: +64 7 578 6115


Richard Inder


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School dates for 2019

Term 1

4 February to 12 April.

Term 2
  29 April to 5 July.
Term 3
  22 July to 27 September.
Term 4
  14 October to 18 December.